Traynor Homestead Enterprises has been involved with the development of programs and services at all levels of government.  We have also worked with seniors clubs and organizations at the local level to introduce some innovative programs and services.  We have found that having a passion in what you are working at ensures success and at the same time provides the opportunity to have lots of fun, meet new friends and make a lasting difference in our community. 

Program Development
In order to effectively serve a community in the development of meaningful programs  it is important to know the extent of the needs that exist to the depth of the assets available within the community to address those needs.  This is necessary to strategically plan and deliver relevant, successful and timely services for seniors.   

We will work with individuals, organizations and communities in determining service needs, gaps in services or enhancement of services needed for seniors.  We encourage partnerships and obtaining feedback from seniors.

Grant Applications
We can develop proposals for funding or assist as required.

Your organization or business may be eligible for different types of grants.

It is important to plan early so that adequate time is available to get a good grasp on the project to develop what is needed in a well crafted grant proposal.

Financial reporting requirements as well as gauging the success of the approved proposal is vital for being successful in obtaining future grants.

Development of Age Friendly Communities
Age Friendly Communities are good for everyone of all ages – we will help you make it happen in your community.

Policies, services and physical spaces need to be designed to enable seniors and people of all ages to live and participate in their communities throughout their lifetime. 

It is vitally important to involve seniors in the planning, development and implementation process.

There are common needs that can be met through government, business, not for profit partnerships and our seniors who have a tremendous amount of expertise and talent.