We will help you identify what you have room for and what needs to be donated, sold or gifted to family and friends. We will make your home sparkle in comparison to others on the real estate market so that you get top dollar for your present home.

- Allocation of items not needed in your new home
- Hazardous waste removal
- Consultation with Realtor
- Finding a new home for unwanted items
- Junk Removal
- Cleaning and preparing your existing home for sale
- Staging Services
- Property management while your home is being sold
- Arranging for storage

We offer assistance with planning, organizing, de-cluttering, packing and unpacking and setting up your new home.

-  Moving plan proposal
-  Written and photo inventory of your home
-  New residence floor plan
-  Planning and organizing the layout of your new home
- Scheduling movers and others to meet moving schedule
- Assisting with packing/unpacking
- Getting you settled in your new

Estate Sales
We will work with You, Family, Lawyers, Banks, Power of

Attorney, and Executor(s) to oversee the sale of the estate and contents as well as disperse treasured heirlooms to family

members or friends.

- Oversee all the tasks related to the sale of your property
- Work with professionals to appraise antiques, collectibles, 

  art and other items

-  Help arrange to have unwanted items sold or donated